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IceArmour® Eave Panel II

IceArmour® Eave Panels prevent ice dams and icicles formations by providing the right amount of heat to the roof’s edge. For Eaves with 12” – 18” overhangs the

IceArmour® Eave Panel 1 will stop all ice dams from forming. For Eaves with 24” and over using the ArmourLoc® Fastener, the Eave Panel 2 is the right choice.


Engineered to provide maximum heat transfer, IceArmour® Eave Panel II eliminates the dangers of accumulating ice and snow.

Low Cost - Energy Efficient

Save money and reduce impact on the environment with the superior energy of the IceArmour® Eave Panel II. This unique design maximizes heat transfer while reducing energy consumption.

Elegant Design

The sleek design of IceArmour® Eave Panel II enhances the natural beauty of your home. Homebuilders, Architects and homeowners now have an elegant alternative to the traditional unsightly and inferior performing zig-zag heat cables used to melt ice in sub- freezing temperatures.


IceArmour® Eave Panel II utilizes the most durable materials. Aluminum extrusions provide superior heat transfer and strength to survive in the coldest environments. The Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 paint finish is resistant against chipping or fading.


Protect your business, your home and family – they are worth it. IceArmour® Eave Panel II provides guaranteed safety by eliminating the dangers of melting ice on entranceways, walkways and high traffic areas.

Save Money

IceArmour® Eave Panel II is low cost and provides year round protection. This advanced technology eliminates the expensive repairs caused by large ice formations.

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IceAromour Eave Panel Cross Section
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