ICEARMOUR® - Eave Panel

For Ice Dams & Snow

Ice and snow are common contributors to winter-water damages caused by clogged gutters and improper water draining. IceArmourⓇ Eave Panels prevent ice dams and icicles from forming by safely providing the perfect amount of heat to your roof’s edges - avoiding expensive interior and exterior water damage to your home.

product details

  • Prevents ice dams and icicles from forming
  • Designed to handle extra-long roof eaves
  • Designed with Aluminum extrusions
  • Energy-efficient, reducing environmental impact
  • Kynar 500/ Hylar 5000 paint finish - protects against fading and chipping
Save money and maintain year-round protection with the IceArmour® Eave Panel. Contact us today!
Protect your most vulnerable parts of your roof Roof heating systems for clearing snow and iceProtect your roof eaves with heated channels IceArmour keeps your roof eaves clear of snow and ice Heated channels protect your roof eavesIceArmour melts snow and ice on metal roof eaves



Keep your gutters debris-free with our gutter guard systems and stay worry-free with our 40 year transferrable warranty.
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