IceArmour® - Valley Heat Panels

For Ice Dams & Snow

Valleys are one of the most vulnerable areas on a roof when it comes to costly, dangerous water damage. Due to the nature of their design, ice and snow can accumulate and cause leaking into your home. The IceArmour® Valley Panels are designed to eliminate this potential problem. These heat panels are not only energy-efficient and durable but are elegant in design. Engineered to provide maximum heat transfer, IceArmour® Valley Panels eliminate the dangers of accumulated ice and snow.

Product details

  • Prevents the accumulation of snow and ice in your Roof Valleys
  • Attaches to your current roofing
  • Applicable with all roof types
  • Low cost
  • Sleek design
  • Provides year-round protection
  • Maximizes heat transfer while reducing energy consumption
  • Comes with a durable, aluminum Kynar 500 cover
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IceArmour roof valley heat panel at a 90 degree angle IceArmour roof heat panels work great on dormer valleysIceArmour heating panels on a log cabin and snowy roof IceArmour melting snow from a roof valley Roof valley heatersIceArmour valley heat panels work great on a metal roof


Keep your gutters debris-free with our gutter guard systems and stay worry-free with our 40 year transferrable warranty.
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There are a number of reasons that ice dams form in roof valleys. They form almost a basin where wind and gravity naturally push snow into valleys. The shape of the roof also plays an important role, valleys receive more shade than other parts of the roof which can keep them much colder than parts of the roof that receive more direct sunlight throughout the day.

Our IceArmour Valley system melts the snow as it falls so it can drain properly into your gutters and away from your house.

Yes, large amounts of snow and ice flowing down a roof valley can potentially damage it. The pressure exerted by the weight of the snow and ice can cause the seams to bend and weaken, which may result in a leak if the damage is severe enough.

Ice Armour heating panels prevent ice dams in roof valleys by melting away snow and ice and sending the water to your gutters to be properly drained away.

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