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DS-2C Rain/Snow Sensor Controller

  • Automatic Activation means Lower Deicing Costs
  • Reliable Rain and Snow Detection
  • Full 30A @ 277VAC Control
  • Universal 100-277 VAC 50/60 Hz Operation, No Strapping Required
  • Replaceable Precipitation Sensor
  • Easy Installation, Full Access to Electronics
  • 10 Different Functions, 1 Part Number, Simplified Ordering
  • Adjustable Temperature Trigger Point
  • Adjustable Delay Off Cycle with 30-90 Min or 2-6 Hr Ranges
  • Adjustable Precipitation Sensitivity
  • Super Bright Power/Activation LED Indicator
  • Selectable Low Temperature Cutoff With Unique "Recover" Mode
  • Smart "Manual On" Operates for One Delay Off Cycle

DS-2C Rain and Snow Sensor Controller


  • Single Point Freeze Protection Heat Trace Control
  • Adjustable temperature set point for various freeze protection applications
  • Durable weather-resistant
  • Built in GFEP breaker
  • Ground fault equipment protection with manual and automatic test function
  • Alarms for excess ground fault current, low load current, and temperature
  • Alarms indicated with panel LED lights and relay contact for remote signaling
  • Fire protection mode maintains heater operation for use in critical fire protection


WeMo Insight Switch

The WeMo Insight Switch sends notifications to your smart device showing how much energy your electronics are using. You also have the ability to turn your electronics on and off and monitor their behavior, all you’ll need is a Wi-Fi or 3/4G connection. Part of the WeMo family of connected home products that make life easier, simpler, and better, the WeMo Insight Switch lets you monitor the energy consumption of your electronics with ease.

WeMo Insight Switch



The plug-in adaptor kit allows contractors to cut the heating cable (120V only) to length on the jobsite, attach the plug, and insert the plug into a suitable 120V outlet.


Pilot Light Wall Switch, 1-Pole, Toggle Pilot Light Wall Switch, 1-Pole, Toggle Pilot Light Wall Switch, 1-Pole, Toggle, Switch Function Maintained, Amps AC 20, Voltage AC 120 to 277, Rated HP 1, Wiring Method Back and Side, Standards NEMA WD1, UL20

FP-Plug and Hubbell Wiring Device