The Reverse Curve Gutter Guards are the oldest technology dating back to the early 1900’s. Many different brands have incorporated design changes to improve the performance and durability. Water tension, sometimes referred to as surface tension or water adhesion, guides the water into the gutter system. The design requires an opening of ¼” to 1” on the front nose of the gutter cover. This design works well to shed larger leaves and debris but smaller particulates such as seed pods, small leaves and pine needles are trapped in the flowing water and dragged into that opening causing the nose or even the gutter to clog.  Additionally it creates an opening where, bees, birds, mice and other small animals build nests, again causing the gutter system to be clogged.

They are made from a variety of different materials such as plastic or aluminum sheet metal.  The aluminum products are more durable than the plastics, but are still subject to damage due to falling limbs, hail, or heavy snow and ice. 

Another area of concern has to do with the installation of the product.  Many installers will nail or screw the product to the roof decking.  This often creates Roof and Gutter problems over time and should be avoided.

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