Brush, foam, and sponge gutter guards are one of the most inexpensive forms of gutter guards, however, they perform the poorest and are only good for temporary gutter protection.

These products can be purchased at your local DIY Hardware or Big Box Home Center and claim to be easy to install and will give long lasting relief from the dangerous job of cleaning your gutters. Unfortunately, just the opposite is true.

Foam, brush and sponge guards are supposed to allow water to flow through your gutters and downspouts while filtering out all the debris. However, bristles in brush guards trap the debris causing the guard to fill with leaves and seed pods creating messy clogs that need to be cleaned. Foam and Brush guards will start to degrade, shrink or harden allowing a fertile environment for small trees to grow. All of this needs to be cleaned over time.

Additionally, trapped moisture will be an environment for insects such as mosquitoes to breed as well as cause mold and rot to form causing a potential health and fire hazard. 

Many look for an affordable gutter guard, but are usually disappointed when they find that they must be cleaned two or more times each year and many even need to be replaced every couple of years.  Foam, sponge and brush gutter guards are easy to install, but costly in the long run.

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