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Inventors of ‘ArmourGuard Gutter Guard’, highly advanced gutter protection systems, have developed a modern solution for regions with elevated icicle exposure – accurately dubbed ‘AWA IceBreaker’. The novel innovation thaws icicles, ice dams and snow loads on rain gutters; offering consumers the unique option to process captured snow into rainwater for later use.

The IceBreaker also works diligently to filter out all leaves, pine needles and minuscule roof particles so you are ensured clean water, as well as a clean rain gutter all year round. Patented technology behind the IceBreaker incorporates a self-regulating heat cable which is built-in to the gutter guard itself; efficiently warming it throughout, as well as completely eliminating concerns of hazardous icicle formations falling and striking an unfortunate victim. In fact, this is an ongoing problem in areas like Russia and even in colder areas throughout the United States such as Chicago, with serious harm and even death reported in many cases.

TASS news agency, based in Moscow, reported the death of six separate individuals attributed to icicle formations plummeting from buildings in a central Russian region around early 2008. Rachelle Bowden of the, “In 2000, Donald Booth, a Wisconsin man, was walking down the sidewalk past the Neiman Marcus building (in Chicago) when a microwave-size piece of ice fell from the sky, crushing his skull and vertebrae and instantly killing him.”

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